Tuesday, 31 May 2016

May 30th

Hello. The risk of severe storms was fairly low today so we decided to try heading to Carlsbad, New Mexico, as storms like to form on the higher terrain to the west of town. They duly did so and we got some nice CG lightning. We headed east with the storms but they tended to fizzle - a big storm developed near Midland, TX, where we spent last night, but decided against heading down to it. It was very electrically active but we decided an early check-in to our hotel in Hobbs, and a dip in the pool (the latter just me) would be a nice way to end a rather relaxing day. A storm approached us in the evening with some nice lightning for a time, and very gusty winds. We can now see lightning off to the east from storms over there.

Approaching storm at Hobbs from outside our motel.

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