Friday, 27 May 2016

May 26th report

Today was a day which looked busy from a few days back...meaning yesterday was the classic 'day before the day'! We started in Enid and decided to head to Great Bend. Even as we left before 10am convection was already firing in the elevated mixed layer. That pretty much suggested to us at that stage it was going to be a very messy day with no obvious target or cells. After lunch in Bend we headed south and west to a cell approaching from the south. It was tornado warned but apart from lots of rain and lightning there was no structure. We let the couplet approach but it was weakening...however, we decided to move anyway when sheets of rain came racing at us. Tried other cells NE of Dodge City before deciding to book a room in Dodge and see what the developing storms near the city looked. Better structure, plenty of CGs, and even tornado warned, although it never really looked like dropping one. We then headed to our motel, fairly satisfied in the end as we didn't expect a great deal from seeing the early convection but we did some nice intercepts.

Mid-afternoon in Kansas after the first round of storms moved away.

Severe storm/supercell close to Dodge City.

Post-storm mammatus north of Dodge City.

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