Wednesday, 25 May 2016

May 24th - live by the sword...


Morning analysis and model output suggested that NW Oklahoma into parts of SW Kansas would be the ideal target area, with backed surface flow in the vicinity of an outflow boundary. We left Vernon, TX, at around midday and headed north, stopping for lunch in Sayre. We decided to live by the sword and try our luck with a bit more of a marginal chance in the Texas Panhandle. Why? For one, various models suggested supercells would develop, and for another, because many, many chasers were on the northern target and we fancied a storm with few others around - you never know, it might just produce something magical! As it turned out, we found a decent low-precipitation supercell - it was even tornado-warned for a time, although visually it never looked in danger of producing one - rather high based. To the north, the masses of chasers up there got to witness a fairly rare cyclical supercell, which produced numerous tornadoes. Our gamble hadn't paid off - at least tornadoes occurred where we expected them too, we just tried our luck!

Tomorrow is another day and the feeling will soon pass - we did get to witness a spectacular LP storm, which, on many days would more than suffice - indeed, it's a sight which we just don't see back home! We ended the day in Altus, Oklahoma - we'd noted earlier that the Hampton Inn was right next door to Applebee's, and so we headed over. As I was hungry, tired, and tornado-starved I simply asked the first person I saw when we walked in for a table for two...she looked rather surprised and walked off. Rude, I thought. Then Helen pointed out she was simply a customer and not a member of staff. I then asked the next person - I was hungry - luckily this person was something to do with the restaurant and took us to the further table away from the door...probably a punishment for talking to one of their customers.

A few pics of the LP storm below.

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