Wednesday, 3 June 2015

June 2 and 3

Hello. Just at DFW airport now awaiting out plane home. Yesterday we drove from Amarillo to Wichita Falls and then today from there to the airport. Plane seems to be on time and we've been bumped to business class again!

It's been a fun 2 weeks with some nice storms and great scenery.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

June 1st

Hello. Today we took a scenic drive from Santa Fe around part of the Enchanted Circle, which goes around some mountains from Taos. We drove the southern part. We stopped off at the Rio Grande Gorge bridge, which is over 500 feet about the river!

We then headed to Amarillo via Clayton and Dalhart. We saw some hail still lying along the side of the road before we reached Clayton which had fallen from an earlier must have covered the road at the time to still be there a couple of hours later!

We also saw some lightning, both from a storm near the gorge bridge, and then later, from storms before we reached Amarillo.

Monday, 1 June 2015

May 31st

Hello. Today we visited Los Alamos and toured the science museum which detailed the early nuclear programme and also present day activities at the National Laboratory. We also walked around the town before taking in lots of scenery on a drive around the mountains. We even had a small thunderstorm nearby and observed a CG lightning bolt hit a mountain above Los Alamos as we walked around town!

Sunday, 31 May 2015

May 30th

Hello. We drove from Amarillo to Santa Fe today. We took a longer, more scenic route, via Las Vegas (New Mexico) and Mora. This took us to around 9,300 feet above sea level. We didn't plan on seeing or documenting any severe thunderstorms but serendipity dictated that we saw one! This was north of Las Vegas, and the storm drifting slowly south-west. We watched it from the 9,300 foot vantage point.

Tomorrow we will be going to Los Alamos.

Pics below show the storm, with the middle two images being from the 9,300 ft elevation location. Pic 3 shows a suspicious cloud feature.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

May 30th plans

Hello. No chance of severe storms today or tomorrow, and after that it's in the northern Plains. As we have to fly out of Dallas on Weds the northern Plains seems unlikely for us, so we're going to head across towards Santa Fe, New Mexico, to be tourists.

May 29th report

Hello. Today brought a slight risk of severe thunderstorms to parts of the western Plains. We targeted developing storms in New Mexico and found a picturesque supercell close to Conchas Lake and Dam park. The scenery was very beautiful and having a storm around made it even better. The storm was not especially powerful and began to fall apart somewhat as storms to the south left a cooler boundary layer in our storm's path. At first we saw no other chasers but a little later we saw a few.

We drove back to Tucumcari and let the storm move over - it had heavy rain, gusty winds, and fairly frequent lightning. We then drove back to Amarillo for a third night! We had some mid-evening thunderstorms move over with some decent cracks of thunder. We ate burgers at Red Robin - a new venture for us and highly recommended!

The next few days look much quieter for storms so we may well undertake some tourist activities.

Friday, 29 May 2015

May 28th report

Decided to have a rather laid back day today - headed a little west of Amarillo, eventually seeing a weak thunderstorm which briefly looked a little like an LP supercell. Then decided to head north towards Dalhart to make sure we killed the storm off which a number of other chasers were enjoying! Saw Dan Holley, Berni King and Nick Parnell out on the road. Then we enjoyed a great dinner with Lou Ruh and Ed Sweeney at Applebee's in Amarillo - yes, we're back in town for another night.
Lightning is flashing to the NW from an approaching storm although it will probably pass to our north.

Pics below include weak brief LP (almost) supercell and mammatus in E New Mexico, train at Dalhart, Texas, the mid point of Route 66, Adrian, Texas, and sunset in the Texas Panhandle.