Thursday, 7 June 2018


Hello! Well, we're home now and already missing the wide-open Plains! It was a great couple of weeks.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Packing up

Hello. We're packing our bags now and will head to Denver today ready for our evening flight home. It's been a great couple of weeks with many storms and catching up with friends.

June 5th - mountains!


Today we drove from Denver to the top of Mount Evans, which is over 14,000ft above sea level. We managed to walk the last small part to the top, but at that altitude even a fairly modest bit of walking gets the heart pounding, and feelings of light-headedness. The sun is very strong at that altitude too.

After we'd reached the summit we headed down, and paused for lunch by a lake - still at 13,000ft above sea level.

We then decided to treat ourselves on the last night and booked into the Four Seasons at Vail, Colorado. I had a swim.

Tomorrow we will head to Denver and get the plane home, and arrive around the middle of the day on Thursday.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

June 4th - storms done with!


We woke up this morning in Amarillo, checked various pieces of data and determined that storms were not likely nearby, and we weren't really interested in hanging around, so we decided to head to Denver and be tourist. Tomorrow we will go into the mountains.

The only pics today were from a (closed) rest area on US Highway 64 (the Sierra Grande rest area) near Des Moines, New Mexico, of a train.

Monday, 4 June 2018

June 3rd report


We targeted Albuquerque today. Storms were already firing off as we drove down from Raton, and we managed to get to a storm which had been tornado-warned, but it tended to wane, as new storms formed to its south.

We then headed east through very heavy rain, on I-40, and turned south at Moriarty. We saw some nice cloud structure on the way south as a supercell approached, although it became more linear after a while.

We then headed east to Vaughn, pausing to look back at the line of storms. At Vaughn we let the storms roll over, although they were non-severe by then where we were, but there were some good, close lightning bolts!

We then decided to head to Amarillo for the night as there is a risk of storms around this area on Monday.

All in all a reasonable chase day which behaved as expected.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

3rd June - lunch


We've just stopped to pick up a sandwich from Santa Fe, New Mexico, but will soon continue SW towards Albuquerque - a severe thunderstorm watch is in effect and a severe thunderstorm is already some way to our SW. 

Brief tornado video from May 28th

A short clip of the two brief mesocyclone-spawned tornadoes from May 28th, 2018 - taken with my GoPro4, near Cope, Colorado - this was after the numerous 'dusty' tornadoes (most non-mesocyclone).