Monday, 23 May 2016

May 22nd report


We decided to target the dry line today in the western Texas Panhandle. Storms formed to our east in the deeper moisture, perhaps along a subtle moisture gradient. We didn't target these and chose to await development closer to hand. Unfortunately for us, this did not occur. In the end we headed east to catch at least some lightning, etc, from those storms around Clarendon, Texas. There was quite a bit of street flooding and there was a brief moment of worry when a car coming the other way down the dual carriageway hit a flood and span out into the median. We thought for a second it was coming over to our side, but thankfully it didn't. We slowed to see if they were OK but the were driving off so we figured they were fine.

We headed back to Amarillo for the night, in the same motel as last night, and next door to last night's room!

It was something of a frustrating day - not for being out on the Plains and seeing thunderstorms - but simply as the target did not verify. But that's chasing and tomorrow's another day!

Swirling tube of cloud from a decaying cumulus, Hereford, TX.

Marginal structure on a cell in cold outflow air, south of Clarendon, TX.

Lightning SE of Amarillo.

Sunset SE of Amarillo.


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