Sunday, 22 May 2016

May 21st report

Hello there.

Today panned out reasonably as expected. A tornadic supercell developed in Kansas, which looked a reasonable bet, but we didn't target that area, partly due to the long drive, but also partly because we wanted to chase west Texas and enjoy a rather relaxed chase seeing storms which few other chasers did.

We headed NW from Snyder, having lunch in Levelland - you can imagine how flat the area is around there! After lunch we headed towards Morton, and, via several stops for photos and decisions, we headed towards Farwell, on the Texas/New Mexico border. As we turned NE from there, we briefly (for literally 10 seconds) were in New Mexico, our second state of the trip, but then were straight back into Texas again. Storms had developed, and we then spent the remainder of the afternoon and into the evening slowly moving along with them - a couple showed some supercell structure for a time, which looked pretty. At sunset, one storm dissipated in the fashion of an LP supercell. Lightning was rather infrequent, which was a shame as we were in the perfect landscape for some great lightning shots.

We headed to Amarillo for the night and had dinner in Applebee's - a line of storms has formed in eastern New Mexico, and we could see the lightning 75 miles to the west, when we got back to the hotel. Not sure whether they will make it here, or move past NW of us.

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  1. Great shots Paul. Good luck for today, looks promising!


    Matt C