Monday, 30 May 2016

May 29th - not too much


We headed through Lubbock and down to Hobbs, New Mexico - storms were forming to our west and south-west so we headed towards Carlsbad. This severe storm promptly started to die, so we dropped down towards Pecos, Texas, where another severe storm was. This died as we approached! We figured we'd done our good deed for the day for the people of this part of the world so we paused at Pecos before heading to Odessa for the night. A gust front from storms way to the north passed through around 11pm with blowing dust for a time, which was quite cool. Overall, a day which didn't show huge promise - and didn't really deliver much for us. However, it's always nice to be driving out in the open Plains.


  1. I have never experienced driving through the open plains...though I have always wanted to :)

  2. You should try it if you get the chance - it's so vast!