Friday, 20 May 2016

May 19th - beach day!


We decided that we would stay another day by the beach, so we didn't rush to get up. After some coffee (made with bottled water as the whole of Corpus Christi is on a boil water notice, due to E.coli in the water supply) we decided we'd head out down the beach in a beach buggy/golf cart-type thing. We rented one for 3 hours and started of southwards along the beach. You can actually drive your car on the beach too, and there were quite a few people doing just that.

After a while we stopped and watched the sea for a bit. We knew storms to the west and north-west were closing in, and so we decided to head back to the hotel. As we were driving back the sky to the north-west was an obsidian dark grey. As we got back to the hotel thunder boomed to the north-west and the rain soon arrived - this was heralded by a cool gust of wind just before we got back. We're not sure if this is the first storm 'chase' via a buggy!

It then lashed it down for a while with flashes of lightning and booms of thunder - we decided to go out in the car to get some lunch from the nearby Subway. The 2 second leap from the car into the store still saw us get drenched, such was the intensity of the tropical downpour!

We took the food back to our room at ate it there - we waited for a bit and the rain/storms moved away, so we headed back our for the remainder of our 3 hours with the buggy. We headed south again after a brief jaunt the other way (there was no access to the beach that way). We got a bit further south than the first attempt - we stopped again and watched the birds and the sea. We then headed back as it was about 25 mins back to the hotel. We dropped the buggy off and headed back to the room.

We then headed to the beach and I did some filming in the sea with my GoPro 4 camera. A still from this is below.

After a while, and a quick shower, we headed back to the same burger joint as last night for dinner. Afterwards we took a little drive on the beach in the car before heading back to the hotel.

Buggy before we headed off for the second time.

Blowing sand.



Helen and buggy.

Helen in buggy.

My leg from Go Pro.

Storm approaching hotel as we raced back from the first outing!


Car on beach after dinner.

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