Thursday, 19 May 2016

May 18th - to the Gulf!


We woke up in San Antonio and decided that, as it was 20C and cloudy outside, and the risk of storms, overall, was low across Texas, we would drive to the Gulf coast, specifically to Corpus Christi. Neither of us had seen the Gulf of Mexico before, and, as the moisture which evaporates from it contributes to the severe storms across the Plains, it was something of a pilgrimage.

Some severe storms were further to the south, NW of Brownsville. Detritus from this, i.e. thick mid-level cloud and moderate rainfall, overspread us soon after our arrival. This cut short our beach stroll for an hour or two - a few bolts of lightning were visible from our 4th floor window, so at least we saw some lightning and heard some thunder!

The sun came out a bit late and once the rain stopped (and the strong easterly wind which suddenly sprung up eased) we headed back onto the beach. I decided to go for a dip in the sea - it was very pleasant at 27C!

We then headed back to the room and then headed out to dinner at a nearby place called Padre Island Burger Company. As you can imagine they served burgers, and they were very good!

Once we got back to the room I headed out to take a few pics from the beach - it was still about 26C at 10pm!

Images below include me jumping through a wave! Also a couple of bird pics - taken by Helen.

We've decided to stay another night too, so we've booked back in for Thursday night.

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