Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Hello! We arrived pretty much on time after a smooth flight. We got through the passport control and customs fairly quickly too, despite a few of the people in front seemingly trying to reprogram the passport machines...at least, they were taking so long about getting through I can only imagine they were doing that as it doesn't take a rocket scientist to use them!

Anyway, we got to our motel in Weatherford and we've had dinner at Applebee's. We've been up about 22 hours now and so it's time for bed!

Tomorrow, a complex weather scenario. A mass of storms over Oklahoma may get down here by morning, and a few others may spread from the west in the morning...they shouldn't be severe. As a cold front approaches other storms may then form in the afternoon, perhaps southwest of where we are, and maybe severe. However, it's complex, as I said above, and so we'll play it somewhat by ear...it'll be a good shakedown of us and the equipment!

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