Saturday, 14 May 2016

Gearing up again!


Well it's that time of year again where Helen and I prepare for our annual storm chasing trip to the Plains states of the USA. In just a couple of short days we'll fly over to Dallas and start our next meteorological adventure. Previous years have seen us witness violent tornadoes, large hailstones, incredible displays of lightning, and awesome cloud structure.

At the moment, such exciting tasks as mowing the lawn, washing clothes, and sorting out camera cards and batteries is dominating. However, tomorrow we'll undertake the task of packing all we need for our trip.

Weather-wise, plentiful Gulf moisture should return to portions of the southern Plains over the next day or two as an upper system moves in from the west. Thunderstorms are likely over the coming days and we may have a chase day right from the get-go. in parts of Texas on Tuesday. Thereafter, a cold front looks like drifting southwards but there is uncertainty as to how far south it will move, especially as models are not in agreement as to how quickly the upper trough to the south-west will move out.

A larger upper system is expected to move into the Pacific NW later in the week and may inpact the Plains, over increasing moisture, through the weekend or into the following week.

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