Saturday, 21 May 2016

Arrived in Snyder, TX.


We knew today would be a driving day to get north for the increasing storm chances over the next few days. Ideally, Amarillo would probably have been our overnight stop - but we couldn't really be bothered to do that much driving! Lubbock was the choice, but due to some kind of graduation thing there were no rooms left...or rather, there were a few, but as they were priced over $200 we decided against it! We decided to stop over in Snyder, TX. at the brand new Hampton Inn - it still smells of paint! Decent place, though.

We had dinner at Whataburger - it was OK, not quite the same as last night's fare though!

Tomorrow brings a risk of severe storms from portions of SW Kansas into west Texas/eastern New Mexico. We'll assess the info in the morning to pick a target area - SW Kansas has a nice dry-line bulge progged, along with a warm front close-by, but the moisture may be more limited than further south. Across Texas, moisture will be richer but the dry line may be a bit more diffuse, of may exhibit some kind of double structure, as some models prog a surge of deeper tropical moisture coming in from the south-east through the afternoon. It's possible storms may form in eastern New Mexico along the 'main' dry line, and a few others could form to the east, in upslope flow up the Caprock. Whilst upper flow will not be too high, strong veering with height along with reasonable instability should allow isolated to scattered severe thunderstorms, perhaps supercells to form in E New Mexico/W TX, especially later in the day. Other storms will likely form across SW Kansas near the aforementioned boundaries, and may grow into a small cluster in the evening and propagate south-east into the increasing moisture/low-level jet.

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