Tuesday, 24 May 2016

May 23rd report


A very quick summary as it's very late! We targeted the eastern Texas Panhandle - we saw a low precipitation supercell NW of Memphis, TX, but this died out after a while. We then headed south in the general direction of Turkey (well, east then SW). A messy set of cells were there but eventually a supercell developed on the southern side and spat out plenty of CG lightning, and then produced a couple of nocturnal tornadoes, around 2145 to 2200 or so. We saw the second, which was a large wedge tornado. We drove to Vernon for the night - it's now 02:25! We had microwave chips from Wal*Mart, and I had a burger thing.

Funny car thing, like a play on Cadillac Ranch...but with Beetles.

Cell goes up NW of Memphis.

Split supercell, with a very weak left split (right hand side) and the dominant cell (centre).

Supercell at Turkey.

Weird and wonderful cloudscapes at the back of the cell.

CG barrage - plenty of these from this storm!

Another CG.

Large nocturnal tornado east of Turkey.

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