Thursday, 26 May 2016

May 25th report


We made the long haul north into Kansas to target an area close to an outflow boundary and ahead of the dry line. In the end we saw a couple of LP type storms near Wichita, in the forecast area, but the storm of the day went up close to Salina, right on the boundary. Although this was quite far north of us, it produced a very long duration tornado - we might have been able to intercept it if we'd decided to head north quite early but as we had storms close-by we made the (wrong!) decision to stay in the south. We still saw some quite nice structure, and met up with Pete Scott and Dave Ewoldt and watched a nice sunset.

After dark we targeted a cell near Enid, Oklahoma, which was a powerful supercell. It put out a great lightning show but the brief tornadic episode was done by the time we got there.

We're staying in Enid tonight. Tomorrow looks like a N Central Kansas day but we'll decide in the morning.

The tough run for us continues whilst others have seen lots of tornadoes.

No pics today as it's late.

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