Sunday, 15 May 2016

Packing just about done!

Good evening.

The packing ritual is just about complete - a few odds and ends to go but generally all is packed and we're about ready for the off.

A few severe storms are possible on Monday across the OK/TX Panhandles region but we should be fine in DFW with fine weather likely for landing - there will be a fair amount of instability but with not much forcing expected storms look unlikely to form.

For Tuesday, a cold front will move southwards across TX and should help thunderstorms to develop. With modest vertical wind shear, organised multicells, perhaps with lines of storms forming, should be the order of the day. Some hail/wind is possible, along with plentiful rainfall - the latter will perhaps be the biggest concern. They should provide us with something to chase.

Beyond that - it remains to be seen how far south the cold front will move - there may be something close to the Gulf coast on Wednesday or perhaps SW TX.

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