Wednesday, 1 June 2016

May 31 - almost home time


Today we drove from Hobbs, NM, to Abilene, TX. This was basically a positioning drive in order to allow us to make the final drive back to DFW reasonably short, but not so short that we then have to spend hours at the airport.

We did pass a weak thunderstorm, and paused to look at it - we heard a nice rumble of thunder.


  1. Enjoyed Blog, Paul. Missed the USA loads this year but I like the way you talked about all aspects of the holiday and not just the chases. Always a bit sad on the last day but just 11 months and 2 weeks till your next trip. Potentially strong La Nina year. Tony G

  2. Hi Tony - many thanks. Yeah, I think it's good to talk about all aspects of the trip - it was a bit tough at times as we tried places away from the very obvious targets on a couple of days - but we still saw storms that we'd never see in the UK!