Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Westbound soon

Morning! Or, afternoon, UK time. Up with the lark this morning - well, almost. By 7am I couldn't sleep any more so browsed some numerical guidance and the SPC site. Still have some hopes for a few storms late this week, and perhaps more so next week, although the Gulf moisture may find it hard to work northwards, at least for a time.

Plenty of interesting bird-sounds outside, including the call of the Northern Cardinal - very unique sounds!

Fairly soon we'll be ready to take the long drive west to Alamogordo, New Mexico - around 530 miles, give or take! We'll stop at Wal*Mart first to get some supplies, and I'll rig the various bits and bobs up on the car. Got the Baron system working this morning so we've got one source of weather data. Also, the Verizon Mifi wireless internet hotspot was waiting for us at the motel - that seems to be working OK too.

No doubt I'll send some updates whilst out on the road. Ta-rah for now!

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  1. Glad to hear you've arrived safe and sound chap... Good huntin' and looking forward to your next exciting installment...