Thursday, 17 May 2012

Day 3

A great day today! As you have probably read in the other posts, we spent the day pootling around the Alamogordo area, taking in the Space Museum, a brief jaunt up the road to the east of town to look at the view, and then the rest of the afternoon/early evening at White Sands. We watched the sunset here too - pretty stunning! Spent a pleasant amount of time just sitting on the pure white sand and relaxing. I think some sun cream might have been a good idea though.

In time-honoured fashion, though, some other people came and started making noise with their 2 brats nearby. I've never really understood that in all the sand dunes parks in all the world, they had to come into this one! And, specifically, play near us. Oh well, live and let live and all that.

If you ever find yourself in New Mexico, I urge you to go to the White Sands park - lovely place. Also, if you ever find yourself near an IMAX theatre showing the Hubble film (narrated by Leonardo di Caprio) then please see it. As I said before, possibly one of the best things I've ever watched. Seeing the space shuttle take off on that size of screen is awe-inspiring enough, without the rest of it too. I must admit to having a lump in my throat at some of the stuff up there - just amazing.

Anyway, at some point I'm sure we're supposed to be storm chasing, but doing tourist stuff is great fun, and a it's a lot easier to predict where we need to go!

Given that there might be a few storms around on Saturday (with a lower chance tomorrow and maybe Friday) I think we'll probably wander back towards the Plains, perhaps to Amarillo tomorrow. We'll decide in the morning.

p.s. we saw a nice dust devil today - the Go Pro captured a couple of images of it.


  1. Nice dust devil! White Sands sounds like a great place....though surely it was remote enough that you could have buried those brats in the sand and nobody would have known?! Enjoy your last day or two of sightseeing before the units return....

  2. Looks great, wish I was there. HAve a great time. Abigail x