Friday, 25 May 2012


We decided to head to Salina today rather than chasing the fast-moving mess which was expected across portions of the Upper Mississippi Valley - rather glad we did, although slightly annoyed that we didn't hang around in Nebraska to chase the scattered showers and odd thunderstorm which moved from the west, and somehow managed to produce a tornado!

Anyway, we got to one of our familiar hotels, the Sleep Inn, and I proceeded to head to the pool. Sadly the hot tub was out of order, so after getting a few lengths in I opened the window to let the sunshine in and proceeded to give the Speedos, and my very white body, some sunshine.

After a relaxing hour or so in the pool and sunbathing I headed back to the room, and we went out to Applebee's (surprise surprise!) for dinner.

On Friday there's a small chance of a severe storm here in Kansas as a dryline starts to come in from the south-west and a slow-moving frontal boundary is across the north of the state. It looks like things might crank up towards Sunday, but we're just enjoying the holiday a day at a time.

Time for bed now - it's still 21C outside at 1230am!

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