Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Lunch in El Reno

Just stopped for lunch at Subway in El Reno. Warm front is to our north and north-west - perhaps a double-type structure as evidenced on radar.

I think we might head a bit further north or north-west but we might not have to go far. Initial storms should develop across NW and  N Cent Oklahoma on the warm front, and perhaps in W Oklahoma on the dryline. Storm motion south be SE or S today so anything which develops will head this way. After initial supercell development, such a motion with relatively weak low-level flow is likely to mean an upscale growth into a SE'wards moving MCS or two. This could yield a nice shelf cloud if they conglomerate enough.


  1. Hola from a fellow Englishman! I spotted you on my GRLevel3 map and was brought to your site via the link in your Spotter Network information. Nice to see another UK guy in OK enjoying the mental weather. I moved here in 2001, so I get to stay here for all the really crap weather too! ;)
    Stay safe out there and if you're back in central OK, let me know and we'll grab a pint! :D

  2. thanks for sharing.