Thursday, 17 May 2012

Oooh, Alamogordo

It's been a lovely couple of days in Alamogordo. Indeed, I've had enough time to get the name stuck in my head in the following fashion: it's 5 syllables long, and begins with 'A'....just like the never-popular Cockney phrase, '"Ohh, have a banana" - thus, "Oooh, Al - a - mo - gor - do".

Probably time we left town before any residents read this and come hunting. Today we're heading to Amarillo (Is this the way...etc - better not start!). A slight risk for severe storms exists for portions of the Plains on Saturday, so we're heading sedately up that way. Tomorrow we'll decide whether we need to push on a bit further north-east or not.

There's a small chance of a high-based storm today around the area, so we might get lucky, but we're not expecting much.

Next week there is increasing model support that more meaningful Gulf moisture will start to advect northwards, as a western US trough begins to form as a powerful Pacific jet noses in and begins to collapse into the trough.

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