Saturday, 26 May 2012

Good morning!

Hello! After yesterday's incredible chase we woke up reasonably late this morning - I didn't go to bed until after 2am and even then was still quite pumped up about the chase.

Today's best tornado targets are probably Wyoming, in an upslope flow regime, and along a warm front in northern Nebraska. Wyoming is probably too far, and the sandhills of northern Nebraska, whilst very picturesque, are not great chase territory, given very few roads.

There is a chance of isolated supercells developing along a rather diffuse dryline through central Kansas today too. Given that's where we are, I think we'll probably see if we can find one around here. Model guidance suggests at least a chance of development, and convection-allowing models show one or two cells developing through the peak heating of this afternoon. If these develop, they are likely to be rather high-based, as dewpoint depressions will be rather large. However, there could still be something quite nice to be had!

Thus once we check out we'll assess the latest data, and also consider where we need to be tomorrow and make a final call on where to head to.

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