Sunday, 27 May 2012

Hays - that's it

Today we managed to do close to 70 miles, just to move about 100 yards from the Sleep Inn in Hays to the Best Western in Hays.

We did this via heading to the north of town, where I attempted to get a tan; then to Subway for lunch, and then McD's for coffee. During this time, Helen watched the entire Eurovision Song Contest over the web.

We were intending to head to Nebraska at some point during the day ready to chase tomorrow, but as time went on, the prospect of driving 180 miles for no apparent reason seemed less enticing. This is because there is also a risk of severe storms around here tomorrow too.

Also, a cell popped up about 100 miles to the SSW, near Dodge City, and became severe. We decided to book into the Best Western, and then headed west to Ellis, to watch the cell come in. It was motoring along at about 50mph now, so it arrived as we did. Not much rain, but quite a lot of wind. A semi in front of us almost went onto just one set of side wheels, and we were concerned it might blow over - luckily it didn't but the driver must have been unnerved, as he turned off at the next junction, and stopped on the side.

We went up a side road and stopped to measure the wind. I measured 46.6 knots at arm height, which is not bad - 80mph winds had been observed further south but I guess it had lost some intensity.

We then headed north for a bit after it, but it was moving away quickly, and dying out. We headed back to Hays. We saw Will Owen and Jacci Ingham - they had gone to look at the storm too.

I went for a swim, or rather, sitting in the hot tub listening to screaming American kids jumping around in the pool. After a while they went to so I could get a little swim in, and cool off a shade as the hot tub was hot!

Dinner in Applebee's (no surprise!). A line of storms has developed to the west and is throwing out a nice gust front. Storms seem to be developing behind this gust front as the low-level jet rides up and over it, and pumps moisture into the updraughts. They might make it here.

The radar image below shows the storms, and also the gust front (the long green sausage). Hays is at the top, about 2/3rds from the left.

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