Monday, 28 May 2012

Various storms in Kansas - May 27th

We started today in Hays, KS, and spent the morning working out that we didn't really need to move far. We spent until mid-afternoon either in the Subway or McD's carparks, chatting to Will at times.

We decided to start heading a little north, and before long, cell started firing along the dryline, just to our west. Cue a sudden explosion of convection, which, when tied with an upper flow not far from parallel with the initiating boundary, tended to become severe for a while and then turn a bit more mushy. Even so, it was a very pleasant way to spend the afternoon, with thunder growling around, convective skies in every direction, and open Kansas countryside.

We noted a stronger cell heading towards us, near Stockton. We decided to intercept but very quickly, some 1.5 inch hail chunks started falling. Cue an amusing scene where I was trying to grab one and bring it in, and then getting Helen to measure it, whilst getting a picture, and trying to turn the car around!

We then dropped south onto a very picturesque low-precipitation supercell north of Hays, which we stopped to photograph. Another cell was to the south, so we dropped south to I-70 at Hays, and then east to Russell. We got a nice view as the cell recycled and a new LP supercell developed. It was almost dark by then but some shots were taken.

We then headed east, stopping to get some more pics as the storm moved away.

We then headed to Salina for the night. Tomorrow, I think we'll be starting early and heading down into Oklahoma. The risk is moving south, which is useful as we need to be back in DFW by Wednesday.

Hastily measured hail - it was 1.5 inches, even if it looks less!

Panorama of LP supercell north of Hays (centre and left), and another one to the south (right).

Mammatus from the southern storm over Hays

Original LP storm, viewed to the north, from Hays.

Supercell after dark near Russell.

LP supercell moving away to the north-east, near Wilson.


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