Monday, 23 May 2011

Severe thunderstorm for us - but a bad situation in Joplin

We intercepted several severe warned/tornado warned thunderstorms to the east of Independence, Kansas today. Saw some large hail (hen egg size) along with strong winds, and several lowerings. There was also a lot of close CG lightning. Thus, for us, it was a fun chase with little overall impact to the wider populous.

However, recently a powerful tornado has ripped through parts of Joplin, Missouri. We didn't pursue the area of storms eastwards and so didn't see this. Judging by the initial reports coming out I'm quite glad we didn't see it, as it sounds very bad indeed. I've no doubt this will make the news back in the UK, as the reports I've seen thus far lead me to believe that the damage has been extensive. Thoughts go to all those affected by this storm.

We've decided to head west towards our motel for the night, which is in Blackwell, Oklahoma. Tomorrow and Tuesday bring a risk of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes to portions of the southern Plains, especially Oklahoma. Tuesday looks a very potent day indeed.

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