Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Back in Blackwell

We decided to stick with our target area today, rather than head south to the larger cluster of storms in central Oklahoma. There were tornado reports from this area of storms to our south, but these occurred whilst we were quite a way to the north, so there was little point in racing after these storms.

We managed to see a very thin, high-based funnel cloud out the back of one of the storms we intercepted. We also noticed a hail core on radar to our north, and so took a trip into it and found some 1.25-1.75 inch stones.

These storms then died out and so we headed back to the motel. Just under 80 miles for the day and done before 7pm!

The storms to our south are still going, and a number are still severe warned. On another day we might have dashed south into these but this trip is more about chasing our target each day. OK, so we might miss out but the ultimate verification of one's target area is driving there and sticking it out!

Tomorrow will probably be the last chase day until later in the week, as a major upper trough moves through and a cold front pushes the moisture south and east of the Plains. Indications are still that a potent severe weather set-up will develop tomorrow afternoon and evening across the central and southern Plains. We might allow ourselves to be swayed rather more tomorrow by developments rather than sticking solidly to our initial target area!

Almost forgot to add: the anvil from the storms to our south has and is producing some very nice mammatus clouds across us at the moment.

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  1. Large Supercell with HUGH inflow notch heading towards OKC - lets hope that it misses.

    //Stu Robinson