Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Lawton for last night

Well, nothing developed during the day along the dry line, despite strong instability - the capping inversion was too strong. This evening, though, a few storms have developed, perhaps as the low-level jet increased. However, we've moved eastwards to Lawton, Oklahoma, for our last night in the USA this trip. Perhaps we should have stayed in Childress, as that place is about to get a severe thunderstorm - oh well, perhaps the line will keep in tact until it reaches Lawton.

This year has been one of mixed emotions: we saw some fantastic storms, including the massive Canton tornado - it has dawned on me that it was my first Oklahoma tornado - all these years, and we've hardly ever chased in OK - this year, several chases were in OK; we enjoyed the hospitality of the USA - always a pleasure; however, we've also been appalled at the devastation which has been wrought by several of the tornadoes over the last 2 weeks (and of course, the spring as a whole) - thoughts go out to all the people and communities affected by these.

All that remains is for us to head to DFW for our flight tomorrow evening.

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