Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Return flow commencing...slowly

After a nice dinner at a (busy) Kettle restaurant here in Childress, we're back in our room. We're on the 3rd floor in an east-facing window. There is a dry-line bulge to our south at the moment, with a developing area of low pressure close-by. This has squeezed the pressure gradient across this area which is producing gusty south-easterly winds. Although the moisture is not that high at the moment, it is return flow nonetheless, and is whistling through our window fittings.

Now this might sound like an annoying prospect for sleeping, but for me it's a sign of increasing storm prospects as the Gulf moisture begins to return to the area. I'm sure I'll lie awake for a little while because of the noise, but thoughts of storms will be drifting through my mind like the wind drifts through the window.

It reminds me of an excellent piece of writing by Roger Edwards:

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  1. Very evocative Paul! Like it...