Saturday, 21 May 2011

Eastern Kansas

Morning! I popped downstairs to get some coffee a little while ago. The first attempt saw me pour most of it on the floor. A helpful gentleman told me to be careful as it was hot. The coffee, not the floor. A second attempt saw me get the coffee to obey the law of containment and it made it back upstairs for me to consume it.

Anyway, after looking at the analysis and model guidance I think we'll initially head eastwards to Topeka. A surface front/dry-line will move slowly eastwards today as an upper short-wave trough rotates around a major upper low to our north. A surface low, currently in SW Kansas should lift north-eastwards. Models hint that this will tend to open out into more of a wave through the day, and there are some complications shown on models in regard to how it will evolve. However, the general consensus is that surface winds will remain somewhat backed just ahead of the low, and 850 mb winds should pick up along and to the south of its track. To that end, areas to the south of Topeka may well be best, but as storm motion should be to the ENE, Topeka should be a reasonable starting point.

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  1. Georgina Plant21 May 2011 at 19:21

    Following your 2011 adventures with interest PK! Keep safe and we'll wait for the next exciting instalment... Love from us all - Pog, Will, Anne, Emma and Tony.