Wednesday, 27 May 2015

May 26th report

Headed to Woodward after having lunch in Greensburg. When the storm formed to the north in S Kansas we thought about heading up there but waited. The storms in central OK then got more interesting and produced a tornado - decided it was too far to get there whilst the storm was doing anything interesting. Classic indecision set in and we started to go north but the cell in S Kansas looked poor so we wheeled around and headed east and then south towards the central Oklahoma storms. Decided there was no point in getting up close and personal as the external structure at sunset as seen from the north was stunning! Pics soon but what was a rather annoying day turned into something rather spectacular at the end! Lesson - never give up!
Headed to El Reno in the end for the night although we probably should have gone back up to Woodward!

Edit: 1 pic of the storm below, and the second is of a train near Boise City, Oklahoma, back on the 24th.


  1. That's a stunning photo of the storm at sunset Paul! Good luck for the rest of your trip,

    Cheers, Matt C

    1. Hi Matt! Many thanks - we had a good day today as you'll see in the next post! cheers.