Tuesday, 26 May 2015

May 25th report

Hello. Not a huge amount to report today - headed to Great Bend, Kansas, for lunch and awaited storm initiation along a weak surface boundary to our east. Continued east and noted towering cumulus development - a thunderstorm developed to our NW and other storms developed to our SSE near Wichita. The net result was a mass of storms developing quite quickly in the absence of a capping inversion - it all became a bit of a mess but we did see some lightning and torrential rain, and experience some gusty winds.

Ate dinner with Nathan Edwards at Applebee's (where else?!) in Hutchinson, KS, where we're staying tonight. As I write there are thunderstorms to the north-west heading towards us - lightning is flashing away!

Here's a B&W image of lightning at Garden City taken last night.

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