Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Hello! We arrived in Dallas about 20 mins ahead of schedule - we did fly through some large cumulus clouds about 10 mins before landing which caused a couple of very rapid ascents and descents! Cue a few gasps from the passengers - it was rather like a rollercoaster!

Anyway, we breezed through the excellent new security system at DFW - automatic passport scanners - and soon got to the car hire place. Picked up a nice Dodge Durango.

Headed to Weatherford via some new bits of toll freeway which sped the journey up and once we settled in to our motel we headed out to Applebee's for the first of what will probably be many burgers!

It's now 22:37CDT and that means we've been awake for 22 hours! Time to head to bed I think - we'll probably head west towards Lubbock tomorrow for a risk of severe storms although we'll refine those thoughts in the morning.

It's great to be back over here! The 30C temperatures certainly help!

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