Friday, 29 May 2015

May 28th report

Decided to have a rather laid back day today - headed a little west of Amarillo, eventually seeing a weak thunderstorm which briefly looked a little like an LP supercell. Then decided to head north towards Dalhart to make sure we killed the storm off which a number of other chasers were enjoying! Saw Dan Holley, Berni King and Nick Parnell out on the road. Then we enjoyed a great dinner with Lou Ruh and Ed Sweeney at Applebee's in Amarillo - yes, we're back in town for another night.
Lightning is flashing to the NW from an approaching storm although it will probably pass to our north.

Pics below include weak brief LP (almost) supercell and mammatus in E New Mexico, train at Dalhart, Texas, the mid point of Route 66, Adrian, Texas, and sunset in the Texas Panhandle.

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