Friday, 22 May 2015


Morning! A grey and misty start in Hobbs, New Mexico. With a trough moving in overnight and into Saturday some increase in severe thunderstorm potential is likely. A broad area of risk is likely on Saturday so we have to look for areas which might pose a better chance. One such area is NE of Denver, Colorado, where terrain-induced circulations can help foster the development of storms and also create favourably backed low-level winds to increase the chance of low-level mesocyclone formation.

To that end we've decided to head to Limon, Colorado, today - quite a long drive but there's not really much else going on today. A small risk exists today for an isolated supercell in the Limon vicinity so we might even manage to see something today - however, we're not planning on doing so - serendipity will play a part today!

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