Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Back in Weatherford!

Hello. We left the hotel by mid-morning and headed to Wal*Mart to pick up some essentials. After looking at the observations and model guidance we decided to head NW to Seymour. We got lunch there and a few fairly weak thunderstorms were moving NE to our N. We let these go but they then became much more active, and ended up producing one or more tornadoes.

We dropped east to Windthorst and then south onto newly developing storms, and intercepted a pretty supercell to the NW of Jacksboro. We watched this for a while and it appeared to produce several funnel clouds. It weakened a little and we dropped south onto another storm - the previous cell then produced a tornado, which we didn't see - a pattern seemed to be emerging!

We then waited near Jacksboro for a time and then drove into town - the new cell became tornado warned and a strong circulation was evident on radar. We edged back north to see if we could see anything but to no avail. We then went back to Jacksboro and let another cell pass over - plenty of lightning, thunder, and very heavy rain, and it was quite windy - some very close CGs too!

We then decided to call it a night as it was dark - we headed to Weatherford but had to drive through some extremely heavy rain for a time to do so - another circulation moved to the east ahead of us, which also went on to produce a tornado.

All in all a busy first day - we saw some nice supercell structure although it was a little annoying to have let at least 2 cells move away which subsequently produced tornadoes!

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