Thursday, 21 May 2015

A fun chase today - headed from Weatherford SW past San Angelo to Mertzon - storms had popped to the west and north-west, north of the cold front. Lots of low, laminar cloud in the cool air hid the supercell structure - we sampled the core and retreated as 1+ inch stones started coming down. Headed generally south through Eldorado to Sonora and then east for a while through the remainder of the afternoon, staying ahead of the storm to occasionally get some reasonably imagery. Active CG lightning through the evening - managed to get one stop without rain but the best CGs had stopped by then. We headed to San Angelo for the night. Timelapse of the chase is here:

Here are a few pics.

The first shows the storm south of Mertzon; the second shows the cold front/outflow from north of Sonora; the third shows the storm from east of Sonora, looking north; the fourth shows CG lightning taken from east of Sonora, all in Texas.

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