Thursday, 29 May 2014

The way to Amarillo - May 28th

Hello. Today was a driving day, from Austin to Amarillo - that means we stayed in Texas the whole time, and yet drove 501 miles! For those of you in the UK that's just shy of driving from Reading to Aviemore! The traffic was light, so the journey was nothing like trying to undertake the same length drive in the UK!

Tomorrow we're going to head to Colorado as we want to go up Pike's Peak, either later tomorrow or on Friday morning - this choice will be modulated by how the chance of storms is looking on Friday - if we believe some reasonable storms are likely in either the Denver area, or further north into Wyoming or perhaps western Nebraska, we may do Pike's Peak on Thursday afternoon, otherwise it may be an early trip up on Friday - the latter might be better as otherwise the views might be messed up by afternoon convection.

On this day last year we saw a big wedge tornado near Bennington, Kansas - this year we saw lots of sunshine!

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