Thursday, 22 May 2014

May 22nd thoughts

Morning! After yesterday's action the upper flow is even weaker today, so supercell structures seem fairly unlikely. Even so, a large slight risk area has been posted by the SPC, effectively down a lot of the High Plains, along the weak lee trough, where moisture is moving upslope. Some pockets of backed surface flow could allow more storm organisation, e.g. around and north of the Palmer Divide in mid-Colorado into the NE of the state, or further south across Baca County, north of the Raton Mesa. The choice is to whether to hang around here or points NW of here (Burlington) to catch any stronger cells here, or make our way to the Texas Panhandle for potential severe storms, including at least a risk of a supercell, over the next few days. We've decided to head south, as it's 6-7 hours to Amarillo, and we may catch some storms on the way.

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