Wednesday, 28 May 2014

May 27th - central TX supercells

We started the day in San Antonio, and decided to drift across to Brownwood. It was more tricky today to pick a defined chase target area so we thought we'd let serendipity dictate any chase possibilities!

After lunching in Brownwood, and meeting up with Dan Holley and Chris Steele, we noticed showers developing close-by to our NW. As any activity would be moving SE we headed out of town and headed SSE towards Goldthwaite. We were in the heavy rain for a time, and the shower became a thunderstorm. With a SE storm motion, we needed to get across to the west side of the storm(s) to see any updraught. We did that after Goldthwaite by turning SW towards San Saba - we caught some nice supercellular features on the first storm, although a second storm became more dominant, and we also got some nice shots of this. The storm(s) we tornado warned, but although we saw some reasonable rotation at times early on, the HP nature of the storms meant we could not see anything tornadic - they seemed rather outflow dominant too.

We eventually wound our way around to Llano (having taken a diversion towards the Colorado Bend State Park) and thence to Burnet. We paused here to take stock, and decided to book a room in Austin for the night.

It's our first time in this part of Texas and I must say the scenery is amazing. Austin is also a cool city, especially by night with the big buildings lit up.

A very nice chase day, and we got to catch up with a few chasers, including Stu Robinson and Alistair Chapman.

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