Wednesday, 21 May 2014

May 21st thoughts

Good morning.

Today, a slow-moving frontal boundary will lie effectively east-west through portions of central Kansas into central Colorado. A moist airmass exists to the north of this, with a NE'erly feed of winds pushing this air westwards towards the higher ground of Colorado. With time the flow should become more easterly, and further south in Colorado, south-easterly. This should have the effect of causing a Denver Cyclone to evolve, due to the interaction of the flow, and the geographical feature know as the Palmer Divide - this is a ridge of higher ground which extends eastwards to the south of Denver, including places such as Limon, Colorado. This enhances low-level convergence and shear to the east and north-east of Denver, and can aid in the development of severe weather including tornadoes.

To that end we'll head west towards Limon, probably getting there in time for lunch, and then re-assessing. Prelim target is Deer Trail to Wiggins, although in reality anywhere from around Limon to Denver to Fort Morgan looks good.

Nice morning here in Hays:


  1. Glad to see the sun's greeted you before the chase begins in earnest my friend! Good huntin and please stay safe. G W and B. X