Friday, 30 May 2014

May 29th - Amarillo to Colorado Springs


Today was another driving day - we intend to go up Pike's Peak tomorrow so we needed to be in position in Colorado Springs this evening. It's a lovely drive, with the vast prairie giving way to more rugged terrain as we moved into NE New Mexico - this is a vast, ancient landscape of volcanic origin, made very obvious by the extinct Capulin Volcano, which is a National Monument. We stopped to get some snaps.

We then continued into Colorado - by these stage, the skies to the west were painted an obsidian steely blue-grey, as thunderstorms across the Rockies were present. We noted several CG lightning bolts as a approached the storms - a stunning sight in a stunning landscape.

We're staying in the Garden of the Gods Club resort - our room has an amazing view of the Garden, as well as Pike's Peak beyond. I went for a swim this evening before we ordered room service! We thought we'd treat ourselves!

Capulin volcano

The view the other way

Thunderstorm in New Mexico, looking west from near Capulin

Me examining the hotel room!

The view from our balcony - the Garden of the Gods, with Pike's Peak in the background

Helen getting excited by our room service burgers!

Evening view from the balcony

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