Tuesday, 20 May 2014



Well, after a a busy drive up the M4, a delayed take-off from Heathrow due to the plane being late to the strand, a reasonable amount of queueing at DFW to get through passport control, and heavy traffic leaving Fort Worth, we made it to the hotel! We've been out and had Applebee's for dinner - burgers, of course! Once I've finished writing this it'll be time for bed! We've been up for around 22 hours or so, after only around 4 hours sleep on Sunday night! Thus, we're somewhat tired now! Tomorrow morning we'll decide where to head in advance for a slight risk of severe storms on Wednesday - Colorado looks interesting on Wednesday, but it's a reasonable haul! We may head to Hays, Kansas, as that's a straightforward Interstate run, and puts us within a few hours of where we may need to be on Wednesday.

A few pics from the journey.

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