Wednesday, 21 May 2014



We got to Hays after around 570 miles of driving. We had to stop off in Norman, Oklahoma, to swap the SIM card in our mobile wifi device, which delayed us for a bit. However, we got on the move again and arrived in Hays a little before 10pm CDT. We ate dinner in Applebee's and then popped just north of town to see if there was any chance of getting some very distant lightning or even red sprite action from a storm in NW Kansas, near Goodland,. However, I think it was probably too weak by that stage to be producing anything interesting. I did a very quick test of the cable release for the camera and got a few shots of the stars before we decided to head back to the motel - I had a fairly high ISO rating and turned off the camera's noise reduction - it made the pics quite noisy so that's something to bear in mind. It looks like we'll head west tomorrow morning to either western Kansas or into Colorado for a risk of severe storms.

Our car, a GMC Acadia.

Sunset, south of Salina, Kansas

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