Saturday, 25 May 2013

To Garden City

Nothing much to report for today. We drove from Lubbock to Garden City, the latter in Kansas. It's 364 miles so it took a while! This morning, we took the car to a GMC dealer in Lubbock to try to get the centre console power outputs to work but to no avail. A short time later, whilst in a Walmart carpark I decided to look at the fusebox and noticed a fuse was blown. Bought a new one, centre console worked. Result. Looks like I've got a new career in the offing.

We made a Skype phone call to Helen's Mum as it was her birthday (Happy Birthday!).

We had dinner at Applebee's this evening, just for a change! I had the sizzling fajitas - yummy!

Just now as I write this the southerly wind (return flow, as it's known) is howling around the building. A bit noisy but it always carries with it the thought of storms, as it is returning moisture northwards.

Tomorrow looks like a chance of storms across parts of the High Plains - we'll have a look in the morning. The longer range indications into next week seem to increase the risk of severe storms in the central USA as a powerful jet and trough move in from the west - too early to pinpoint days and locations but the overall pattern looks rather active for a time.

Here's this evening's sunset, as viewed from outside the motel.

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