Monday, 27 May 2013

May 26th - a beautiful supercell!

Drove from Colby to McCook, and thence to North Platte, Nebraska. Not much happened for much of the day but we caught up with our storm chasing buddies Pete Scott, Steve Lansdell, and Nathan Edwards. We spent an hour or more getting sunburnt before noticing a storm starting to form to our east. We went our separate ways.

We caught up with the storm east of Broken Bow, Nebraska, and it turned into a gorgeous supercell storm. The fellas also got onto this and got some stunning pics - we got a few too, shown below.

We then headed south and east to Kearney for the night, and met up with the fellas at Applebee's for dinner - great times!

The only annoyance was running over something (perhaps a piece of metal) on our way to Kearney which pulled a wire connector out under the car (why it's put in such a stupid place I don't know!). This appears to be a wire which tells the dashboard how much fuel to say there is. I put the connector back in its slot but one of the wires has come astray and I couldn't get it to go back in. Tomorrow morning we'll try again, and attempt to bare the wire a bit before putting it in. If that doesn't work we'll be on the phone to the hire company again! The car works fine, we'll just have to make sure we fill up with fuel every so often, before it gets low!

Pics below show the supercell (from the Go Pro) as we approached it from the west, and then 3 exposures in an attempt to capture some lightning.


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