Tuesday, 28 May 2013

May 27th

Got on to an OK storm close to Osborne but the biggest cell of the day was further north, across areas we'd driven through earlier on. It did look reasonable from other people's pics but the tornado was only seen by a few.

Our storm briefly showed some supercell characteristics but a new one formed to the south so we got onto that. It was rather multicellular but did have a pseudo RFD for a short time, around sunset, so it looked pretty.

We left it as it started to fall apart and drove to Salina, where we're staying the night. We ate dinner at Applebee's with Pete Scott, Steve Lansdell, Nathan Edwards, and Dave Ewoldt.

We also saw Will Owen, a Kiwi chaser we met last year, and I've known for a while from Stormtrack and Facebook. He's chasing with Rebekah LaBar, who we met today too.

Today's highlights were killing an amorous pigeon as it jumped another one just in front of the car. Car 1 Pigeon 0, sadly. Then, listening to various American brats murdering songs in Applebee's. My ears were truly bleeding and I suspect it is some kind of payback for the pigeon incident. Finally, Helen enjoyed a Big Boy at lunchtime.

We're going to attempt to get the car's fuel gauge working tomorrow morning via the hire company.


  1. Not the most reliable car then, Paul...

  2. The car is fine...it just didn't like running over some kind of metal bar or something!