Sunday, 26 May 2013

Pleasant day's chasing

Hello. We started the day in Garden City, Kansas, and after perusing the models and observations decided to head north to Oakley. We had lunch there and carried on looking at the weather. It was clear that the highest chance of supercell thunderstorms was too far north to reach in a reasonable time. However, a deepening surface low and backed flow ahead of it, coupled with an advancing dry line gave a hint that a few storms might form closer to us. We headed west to Colby and had a coffee/frozen strawberry lemonade. We also Skyped my Dad, and my cousin, who was there. A storm started to develop to the west, near Goodland. We headed west a bit and then dropped south. We then spent much of the afternoon and early evening watching the almost stationary cell to our west. It was putting out occasional CG lightning and there was a constant rumble of thunder from within the storm due to cloud-cloud lightning. It was fairly picturesque but although showing occasional supercell characteristics, the lack of decent deep layer shear precluded a more sculpted storm. Even so, the fact we could just sit there and watch a storm for several hours without moving much was very nice indeed.

We're staying the night in Colby, Kansas, and ate dinner at Montana Mike's. Tomorrow looks like bringing the risk of isolated supercells again across the western Plains - anywhere between here and SW Nebraska looks good - indeed, a surface low in parts of SW Nebraska probably makes that area down towards the Kansas border a reasonable play. Monday may bring a reasonable risk of severe storms and perhaps tornadoes to parts of central and north-central Kansas. 

A few pics and video grabs below.

The car, at Oakley

Lightning to the east of Goodland

And again

Car and storm



Mammatus above motel, in Colby

View from motel car park

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