Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Arrived - after a fashion, and some terrible damage elsewhere in the Plains

The majority of our trip across the pond to the USA was uneventful - we boarded on time, left pretty much on time, and landed fairly on time. Then it took 3.5 hours to get through passport control - Dallas Fort Worth airport clearly does not care much about arriving passengers!

This was clearly an annoying situation but pretty much as soon as we'd landed and I'd got my phone on I started getting word about the unfolding tornado tragedy in Moore, Oklahoma. This place has been affected several times by intense tornadoes, perhaps most famously on May 3, 1999, although May 20, 2013, is now sadly going to go down as, perhaps, an even worse event.

As we cruised south-eastwards across the Missouri Valley area we noted intense cumulonimbus development to our north-west and west. I don't know the exact evolution of the events of the day but I *think* the image below shows the Oklahoma City storm. The image below shows our position at that moment. The third picture is another huge cumulonimbus which was south of the first one.

We then got to our car pretty quickly - we have a Chevy Traverse again, same make as last year!

We headed west to Weatherford, observing a thunderstorm to our west - this produced some pretty impressive lightning, which was pretty cool to see on our first day.

It also produced some mammatus (seen from the edge of DFW airport in the pic below).

After getting to Weatherford and after the clerk located our in-car wifi package, which had been delivered to the hotel on Friday and then put in a safe location, we headed to Applebee's for some dinner. Now it's bed time, as, for us, it's 5.28am and we've been up for almost 24 hours after only 3 hours' sleep the night before!

Tomorrow brings a moderate risk for severe thunderstorms over parts of Texas. We'll choose a chase target in the morning, but we also need to sort the Baron system out and pick up some supplies from Wal*Mart. 

Pic below = mammatus.

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