Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Still in Childress

Hi all,

Well, today was something of a let-down, although we always knew it was marginal. A cell popped to our west, and we intercepted it, but it soon died out.

I've got onto the Spotternetwork now, so you should be able to track our position at http://www.spotternetwork.org/google.php

Tomorrow looks like either N Texas or S Oklahoma - there is a lot of activity to our north at the moment (we've just popped out to have a look, and the lightning is pretty much continuous, about 60 miles to our north!). This stuff is likely to leave outflow boundaries lying around, so we'll be on the look out for them tomorrow, as they often serve as a focus for renewed thunderstorm development.

Fellow UK chaser Vicky Redwood is staying in the same motel, a couple of doors down, so we've just had a quick chin-wag with her.

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