Thursday, 28 May 2009

Petrified cat shit

The title of this thread isn't some kind slight on how we might feel if confronted by a major tornado (the chances of this seem very slim anyway this year!). No - this refers to the delights which we found in our motel (the so-called Quality Inn of Big Spring, Texas - remember this name - don't ever stay there!). Add to this the fact that the door is too small for its hole, the curtain is hanging at an odd angle, and that this is a town of freaks (indeed, enough to rival Pitminster, in Somerset). The carpet doesn't look like it's been hoovered either.

The poo was hiding behind the settee, like some kind of frightened pet (perhaps it was such a pet which laid the cable in the first place).

Not wanting the night porter to spend his evening with nothing to do, I decided to take the turnout down to him, neatly wrapped in toilet roll. He seemed slightly less than delighted with my offering, although he did pop it behind the counter - I'm assuming he is intending to take it up with the manager - indeed, I fully intend to get either a large discount or not pay at all...if I do have to pay, I might have to leave a tip of my own (obviously the whole log would be going too far).

Actually, I should add that we came down to W Texas as there's a chance of the odd storm tomorrow, although whether we'll want to hang around here long enough to see one is a different matter!!

When we came out of Denny's, where we ate dinner, our car was covered in ladybirds....this is an odd place.

Time to log off now (from the computer I mean).

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